Securion PRODUCT

Protect your brand. Secure your market. Drive customer loyalty.

Theft that affects a company doesn’t always occur on site. Counterfeiting, diversion, and contamination of products can be an even greater threat and can lead to reputational and financial loss. Securion PRODUCT™is an innovative data technology solution that allows brands to be protected in the marketplace. It provides a highly secure digital authentication and traceability solution to prevent counterfeiting throughthe application of a smart chip or electronic ink encoded with a unique encrypted and tamper-proof digital certificate on vulnerable items. Securion PRODUCT™ allows end users to determine the genuine source of a product that counterfeit items cannot do, (e.g., lot, date, origin, harvest crew, ingredients, safety, or recall status). Customers, handlers, or retailers querying the package or product can quickly confirm what it is, where it came from, and any other information that needs to be conveyed.

Securion PRODUCT™ architecture


Key Benefits

Market Visibility

Securion PRODUCT™ helps a business to gain visibility on global product dissemination and usage in an environment that is increasingly obfuscated by complex distributor relationships to establish the required degree of market access. Securion PRODUCT™ helps businesses protect their presence in multiple markets.


Securion PRODUCT™ provides traceability that differs from other brand protection technologies in important ways. Overt and covert technologies such as holograms, taggants, intaglio print, microtext, invisible images, and digital watermarks may all offer excellent solutions for authentication, but they cannot distinguish individual items at a unit level and therefore cannot carry or point to item-level data.


Securion PRODUCT™ generates highly unique military-grade asymmetric encrypted data sets for unique product authentication, protecting high-value and long-lifecycle product. The platform applies deep learning algos to identify purchasing patterns, locate counterfeit products, and gain real-time market information directly from the consumers themselves.

Supply Chain

Securion PRODUCT™allows trusted agents to monitor products through the supply chain via the scanning of on-pack codes by an industrial reader or smartphone. These are streamed back to a brand management team to authenticate products as they disperse through the network from manufacturer to warehouse to retailer and every point in between.

Brand Defender

With losses due to counterfeiting increasing all the time, Securion PRODUCT™ gives brand owners the power to help fight back. Information generated by the system can help identify patterns of fraudulent activity and provide the tools to law enforcement agencies to remove counterfeit goods and prosecute offenders.

Secure Marketing

Securion PRODUCT™ provides brands with a new direct communication channel to customers. Securion and its agency partners, such as Fathom, can help increase sales by building campaigns that improve customer intelligence and loyalty.