Securion PLACE

Secure your environment. Monitor your business. Protect your Organization.

Securion PLACE™ is an innovative, intelligent, holistic approach to integrated security. It offers a complete turnkey solution that can integrate cameras, sensors, control centers, smart tags, drones, and other key security features within one centralized platform. Designed to reduce human error, its advanced processing and information management system not only guarantees your security, it increases effectiveness while reducing your costs too.

Securion PLACE™ architecture


Key Benefits

Proactive Surveillance

Rather than using video forensically, investment in intrusion detection combined with video for proactive surveillance, offers real time protection. The platform establishes the probability of a threat and filters out nuisance alarms. It then packages and distributes the information to those entities who need to take action. The quicker an incident is detected and transmitted, the lower the level of potential disruption and damage to property and assets.


Securion PLACE™is future-proofed having been designed for device interoperability. The underlying distributed network architecture removes the need for a central server so there is no single point of failure, greater resilience, and no network bottlenecks. With Securion PLACE™ performance and stability go hand-in-hand.

Superior Integration

Securion PLACE™ has a fully integrated user interface for managing a range of mission critical services such as video, access control, perimeter detection, and alarms.

Requirement Scalable

Your end-to-end video and sensor security deployment is also completely scalable, you can expand at will: add more security cameras, sensors or video recorders wherever and whenever you choose.

Fully Managed Service

Securion provides the option of a fully managed service. A 24/7 security management team provide you with peace of mind, supported by the latest in surveillance technologies.