Securion PEOPLE

Protect your workforce. Safeguard your customers. Control access.

Securion PEOPLE™ utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology to give you valuable information about the people who work for, or come into contact with a business or organization. Whether it’s staff, customers, or visitors – Securion PEOPLE™ provides real-time data that allows for informed decisions to be made that can ensure safety, increase efficiencies, and improve performance. Harnessing the intelligence of our intelligent camera and sensor monitor systems, Securion PEOPLE™ is the smart choice for innovative optimization across businesses or organizations of any size.

Securion PEOPLE™ architecture


Key Benefits

Workforce Safety

If your workforce is mobile, then Securion PEOPLE™ can help you monitor their location and provide an emergency communications channel. Utilizing a Securion PEOPLE™ wearable device you can ensure that your workforce are safe at all time and even set GPS geo-fences to create a security notification if someone leaves a safe zone. The system, which also includes a panic button and listen-in function, is designed to provide the ultimate security for your team.

Effective Staff Assignment

Securion PEOPLE™ can help an organization improve its staff allocation management. Scheduling to traffic using footfall enables organizations to align personnel resources with the busiest timesof day, month, or even seasonal variables. Whether you’re managing a retail environment, commercial organization, or public service, Securion PEOPLE™ allows you to manage your personnel, improve customer experience, and reduce costs too.

Customer & Visitor Intelligence

Using intelligent data and video analysis tools, our system can analyze video to identify specific product placement and traffic flow areas that need improvement, so you can serve your customers more profitably.

  • Count footfall
  • Measure traffic trends/dwell time in key internal areas
  • Track conversion rates by type of service
  • Reduce customer queues and wait times
  • Establish performance benchmarks for each location
  • Understand which on-site zones receive the most traffic
  • Identify in-store and environmental hotspots
  • Improve environmental layouts

All intelligence is analyzed in real-time, against current, historic, and other relevant data, to provide actionable information that can be used to optimize business outcomes.

Health & Safety Fire Logs

Securion PEOPLE™ provides superior safety features than can help improve the safety of your organization. Our advanced monitoring system guarantees a time sensitive log of everybody who is on your site at all times.

Vehicle Security Solutions

The Securion PEOPLE™ system can also be used to maintain the safety of your vehicle fleet. Vehicles and their drivers in environments such as public transportation, cash-in-transit transportation, trucking fleets, and taxis are vulnerable to security threats such as violence, & theft. SecurionPEOPLE™ has mobile solutions for transmission& recording designed for remote environments with limited connectivity. The security solution transmits & records live high-definition video for detection & visual verification of a threat situation over any cellular network at any bandwidth to a Central Monitoring Station (CMS).