98% of US hospitals are affected by crime

Hospitals are increasingly vulnerable to crime and other security risks. The complex nature of healthcare facilities, combined with their provision of around the clock care, create a real challenge with threats from a wide variety of sources. From personnel and patient safety, to secure area access, theft, and criminal damage, today’s modern healthcare facilities require security solutions that can meet their needs without undermining the welcoming environment a hospital must provide.

Rise in crime in US hospitals in 2 year period

Percentage of US nurses attacked at work each year

Frequency of crime at UK NHS hospitals

Securion Hospital Solutions

At Securion we provide security solutions that can meet the needs of a challenging hospital environment. Whatever your specific requirements may be, we can work with you to implement integrated cutting edge systems using solutions from our Securion PLACE™ and Securion PEOPLE™ product suite to guarantee safety and security, whilst limiting your hospital’s exposure to crime or liability claims.

Securion PLACE™

Building Security

Safeguard hospital property both inside and out with our networked HD camera and sensor systems.

ANPR Cameras

Enhance access control and improve parking operations with ANPR cameras that monitor vehicles entering and leaving your facility.

View/Record Incidents

Ensure the safety of staff, patients, and visitors by monitoring and documenting possible workplace safety violations to protect you against potential liabilities.

Compliance with JACHO/HIPAA

Manage myriad federal, state and local government regulations by using Securion to ensure you are compliant with JACHO, HIPAA or other regulatory requirements in your country.

HD Surveillance

Monitor people as they enter and exit your hospital with state-of-the-art HD surveillance equipment.

Staff Access Control

Improve hospital security with our access control platform that can integrate with the most advanced security technologies to streamline your operations

Risk Alerts

Integrate detection technology within your security system with fire, water, and carbon monoxide sensors, and other safety features such as panic buttons.

Securion PEOPLE™

Food Service/Retail

Integrate food service and retail video analysis and security solutions within your Securion system to reduce shrinkage and improve operations via optimized product placement and traffic flow management.

Operational Efficiency

Utilize the Securion platform to generate data to improve efficiencies across your hospital e.g. patient waiting times, queues, interactions, real time head counts, hospital hot spots, etc.

Solution Features

HD Cameras

Instant and accurate object detection and classification alerts, with the identification performance of high definition video, provide an unmatched levelof protection to keep your personnel and assets safe. Long range and thermal imaging products deliver a visual assessment capability that can help determine whether a target is a potential problem and whether resources should be deployed.


Autonomous drones provide unmatched surveillance coverage for sites that are large, distributed, and open, or have an unusual site plan. Drones are also used for survey and inspection missions for infrastructure such as power lines or hydroelectric stations. Managed operations and flight plan mapping is available for dynamic objectives and environments.


Smart Sensors are designed to bring the power of the cloud to the edge of the network, letting you put the intelligence where it needs to be. Our platform integrates sensors that monitor vital environmental metrics in and around your premises at all times. This includes constantly monitoring for general risks such as flooding and the presence of carbon monoxide, as well as risks specific to each organization.

People Tracking

Securion people tracking sensors achieve intelligent multi-zone, bi-directional people counting and tracking. They provide a new level of visibility to organizations and provides the data essential to help businesses optimize operations and results. The sensors capture information essential to your business, such as footfall, dwell time, customer traffic patterns, hot zones and ‘retail stickiness’.

Product Authentication

Unique encrypted data sets (UIDs) are printed on pack for each product we protect via electronic ink and/or visible codes. Consumers can use mobile devices to confirm product authenticity. Deep learning algos identify purchasing patterns, help locate the source of counterfeit products, and gain real-time market information directly from the consumers themselves.

Smart Tags

Wireless asset protection devices guard against the theft of computers, equipment and other valuable objects in offices or other areas. The wireless devices can be affixed to high-value objects. A variety of technologies including RFID, barcodes, and other data collection technologies are supported. Emergency monitoring sends alerts and provides the information needed to act quickly when there is an anomaly in the location of an asset.

Wearable Devices

Wearable, personal security systems for employees who are working off-site include panic buttons that can call for help by triggering a silent alarm in the event of an emergency. They can even include press-to-listen functionality so the security support team can listen to the environment as well as recording the situation. GPS tracks where personnel are at all times and provides you with notifications; for example if they leave a safe zone or have arrived at their destination.


Multi-path, multi-media communications help manage emergencies, minimize risk and provide the vital link between facilities and central stations. Mesh connected devices establish a multi-sensor, data-fused system for wide area surveillance, local site intrusion detection, intrusion classification and environmental scanning.


A high performance cloud-based platform provides scalable security coverage. Distributed network architecture means there is no single point of failure. You also get easy system scalability: simply plug in additional security cameras, video recorders, and environmental sensors whenever and wherever needed for a cost-effective, future-proofed solution.

Edge Storage

Network Video Recorders (NVRs) provide secure, reliable and scalable platforms for high performance end-to-end security solutions. Intelligent edge storage of HD video eliminates bandwidth issues for the centralized monitoring of remote sites.

Supply Chain

Allow trusted agents to monitor your products through the supply chain. Using mobile devices and on-pack encoded renderings that are scanned by distributors, brands can authenticate products as they disperse through the network from manufacturer to warehouse to retailer and every point in between.

24-Hour Monitoring Center

We help you manage your resources and safeguard your sites, helping you keep an eye on your property investment around-the-clock. Our systems monitor what goes on in and around your facilities at all times. We focus on security so you can focus on normal operations. Our monitored offering can also protect you against the risks of fire, floods, and carbon monoxide, providing the information you need to quickly respond and help avert disaster, downtime and loss.

Mobile Devices

Critical information is delivered from the edge of the network to mobile devices allowing rich solutions to be delivered faster than ever before. Wireless video surveillance integrates with mobile technologies, empowering your security detail with live data and video streamed to tablet devices in their vehicles for the remote monitoring of events.

Access Control

We provide a simple and effective way to register, track, manage and audit employees, contractors and vendors. Unauthorized users are prevented from entering or exiting the building, or accessing secure areas decreasing potential for theft. Our intrusion detection technologies can also protect secured areas within your facility—ideal for partial arming of a site to safeguard closed or unused areas while allowing free use of occupied areas.

Fleet Communications

Public transportation, security vans, and taxis are among the vehicles vulnerable to security threats such as vandalism, violence, and theft. Police and fire fleets are also involved in rapid, life and death situations where the scene can be interpreted and recalled differently. We provide mobile solutions for transmission and recording designed for remote environments with limited connectivity. The solution transmits and records live high-definition video for detection and visual verification of a threat situation wirelessly to a central station.


The reliable and rapid communication of alert and alarm signals is critical to an effective security system. Securion can provide a hierarchy of alerts ranging from action prompts for security personnel to executive status updates. Our secure alert communication solutions use GSM wireless with SMS backup to assure the reliable and timely delivery of emergency signals to a central station.


Our intelligent video and sensor analytics collects valuable business data that may otherwise never be fully utilized. It lets you perform statistical analysis of people or traffic patterns, retrieve images of those people or vehicles instantly, and configure custom reports using that data. Using local sensor processing and intelligent data analysis tools you can identify, act on and test opportunities for innovation and transformation.

Traffic Monitoring

ANPR/LPR driven traffic data acquisition and intersection control solutions improve the safety and security of public and private roads. They combine a variety of detection technologies to deliver optimum performance and reliable counting, speed assessment and classification of vehicles and pedestrians.

First Responders

First responders must be armed with as much information as possible so they can make intelligent decisions and take effective action in the case of an emergency. Securion provides a complete solution for instant, reliable communication of security events to first responders.